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Up Close and Personal With Chase

mooth crooner and lover boy Fianko Bossman, better known as Chase, is an instrumental player in the current youthful evolution in the Ghanaian music industry. Although his face may not be common in the mainstream yet, his songwriting skill is already responsible for hits such as ‘Leave Me Alone’ by Mimi and ‘When I Get U’ by Richie among several others.

The talented songwriter is also blessed with a flawlessly smooth voice which he hopes to bring to bear on his upcoming debut album tentatively titled ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’. However, if the success of his song ‘Give Me Your Heart’ featuring Jane Awindor is anything to go by, then Ghanaians are set to experience their first ever true R&B sensation.

Chase has crossover appeal and a confidence that is almost certain to make him succeed as a musician. Although it almost impossible to imagine, he started off as a rapper but his passion and ability to sing makes R&B a natural choice for him. According to him, his album which would be a reflection of his life experiences is halfway complete.

I caught up with the promising singer who draws a lot of likeness to American R&B singer/songwriter The Dream, to find out more about his music and his future plans. Why the name chase?
I use to be a rapper and Chase was the name they called me. Anytime I was out of the country I bumped into a lot of people who referred to me as Chase, so when I was considering a name I just left it at that. And everything that has to do with chase is hot; like a police chase or chasing women. I choose to chase my dreams though. What inspires you to write music?
I have a lot of people in good and bad relationships, and I’ve been in a lot myself. I pick up inspirations from my environment, friends, family and stuff people can relate to. I write my best music when I’m emotional about something. What do you normally write about?
I normally write about love, relationships, broken hearts because I know how good it feels when you're going through these things and when you know someone you can share your problems with it feels so good. Let me just say it eases a lot of the pain. When did you discover your talent in writing and singing?

I’ve been writing raps songs and hooks almost all my life but precisely about 10 years ago, I started doing some real joints. R&B is not that different from rap; it is just words being sung with melodies and maybe the subject matter may be more serious than that of rap. But people like LL Cool J always made rap feel like R&B. I always knew I had the voice to sing, I just wasn't ready to take it professional. When I was in the rap group Souljas Inn - which of course is still family - my friends always used to crack on me because I always ended up dancing and singing. In the rap world that was kind of weird. Anyway that’s just by the way. What was the first song you wrote?

The first song I wrote was ‘Out of My Way’. It spoke about breaking boundaries for a woman; like doing the laundry and laying the bed, just catering to her. Hehe, otoolege right? Which of your songs was the first to become a hit?
I think ‘Give Me Your Heart’ got a lot of response. People are still waiting for a video. I might shoot it just for the hell of it. What are some of your other hit songs?
Personally, I have ‘Finally’ and ‘Give Me Your Heart’. But there’s more to come from me being an upcoming artist I’m about to shock the world. I wrote 'When I Get You’ and ‘Intoxicated’ for Richie; ‘Leave Me Alone’; ‘Mind Your Business’; ‘Africa’ and ‘Love Goes Love Grows’. I also wrote ‘Leave Me Alone Remix’ for Mimi featuring Jane, Dela and other female artists. Becca’s ‘Eti Sen’ had me on there. I also worked on ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘Second Fool’ for Adina, and many others which are about to be released. I recently wrote a Twi gospel song or should I say an inspirational song for Pamela Agyemang. It has a very beautiful melody, watch out for that too! What would be the style and direction of your album?
It would speak a lot on me and my relationships everything you hear is real that’s why I called it ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’. So, anybody who buys the album is trying to know me and I’ll also know them by the numbers. Expect sexy songs, sweet melodies and things you’re probably encountering with your girl or man at the moment. Which producers are you using?

‘Red Card’ was produced by me, ‘Losing My Mind’ was produced by Lil Shaker, I don’t want to let you in on too much just yet. I want to surprise you. Do you think there is room in the Ghanaian music industry for your music?
Well yeah the music has changed a lot whether there’s room for me or not I’m still coming. I can’t afford to sleep outside too many mosquitoes out here (LOL!) Will you be working with any artists on the album?
Yeah I look forward to working with Sarkodie, Jayso, Raquel and many others. What should your fans expect?
My fans and haters should expect quality music that can be listened to in any part of the world; music that will blow you away; music you can make babies to and reconcile broken relationships.