January, 2017
What next for Somizi and Bonang?

Carmel Fisher Many will remember her as the last Miss SA Teen, but young Celeste Khumalo is building a name for herself elsewhere.

Our hearts nearly broke when Somizi took to his reality show, Living the dream with Somizi, to confirm that he and B were no longer talking.

"One morning I wake up and she (Bonang) is not talking to me and I then hear from people that she unfollowed me on Twitter and on Instagram, hawu. The last time I had spoken to this person she was in Mauritius the night before telling me how much she misses me and then the next thing dololo," he said on the show.

What went wrong?

Rumours of a feud between them started in February when Move reported that Somizi had spilt the tea on Bonang's affair with AKA to his baby mama DJ Zinhle. AKA apparently then put pressure on Bonang to cut ties with Somizi.

Somizi said that he had heard the rumours, but refuted the claims.

"All I hear is that she thinks or she was told that I told Zinhle about her relationship with AKA… but why? Why would I do that to her? I want the three of them, Zinhle, AKA and Bonang, to sit down and tell me who said that I said what. I'm too old for this sh***. People come in your life and leave for a reason," he said on his reality show.

The pair's feud made headlines again in June when several celebs, who refused to be named, said they witnessed an "awkward moment" between Somizi and AKA at the South African Music Awards.

The Sunday Times reported that the celebs detailed how AKA apparently threw open a glass door, almost bumping Somizi's face.

It was in this climate of hostility that fans went crazy when they learnt Somizi was set to co-host a daily radio show on Metro FM immediately before B was on air. But no reports of clashes between them ever emerged.

While Bonang was silent on her feud with Somizi, the Idols SA judge publicly spoke about Bonang as the year drew to a close.

In fact, when Somizi took to the MTV MAMAs stage in October to present an award, he made sure to give kudos to his former bestie.

"Bonang was born ready. She was ready 24 hours before the show. When she was born they said 'It's Bonang.' And she said 'It's your girl B,'" Somizi said, in reference to Bonang being announced as a main host of the show only 24 hours before it was set to take place.

Where to from here?

While Somizi has become more comfortable talking about his former friend, Bonang has still remained silent on their split.

Oh, and those suggestion of a sit down meeting? As far as we know, that still has not happened.

Perhaps in 2017?

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