august 2017
Media Disinforomation Madness!: Barthe Cortes does not sell shares in BVC!

Barthe Cortes still holds 100% of BVC shares.

Barthe Cortes still holds 100% of BVC shares.

Recently, the information that Barthe Cortes sold most of BVC's shares spread around the media, but this turned out to be false. On the contrary, Cortes has bought 70% of the shares in two other airlines to merge them and create a new brand and the largest airline in the world connecting Africa and the Middle East.

Despite the false information spread quite quickly around the media provoking a great deal of confusion, BVC did not respond to that. The humanitarian organisations most likely forced them to deny the gossip as they expressed their concern that with the sale of BVC Barthe Cortes would stop engaging in humanitarian aid in Africa. This information also caused panic in the confused BVC employees, some even declared that if Cortes sells the company they will leave the job.

Appearance No one has to leave their jobs and humanitarian organizations can breathe a sigh of relief. Barthe Cortes did not sell BVC, but expanded it. We do not know just how the new brand is called, because it seems Cortes planes will not fly under the brand "BVC" anymore

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