april, 2017
Barthe Cortes "knocking on heavens door"
Psychological Analysis of Barthe Cortes by Thomas Froesse, a war journalist and reporter


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A very interesting, yet really dark article concerning Barthe Cortes, and written by Thomas Froesse - a journalist and respected war reporter, has been published in Highway magazine.

Thomas has titled his article by quoting Bob Dylan's song "Knockin on Heaven's Door" (at the same time referring to the location where Barthe begins - as the media report - to build his new airport)

         In comparison to other articles which up to this point focused mainly on Barthe Cortes's achievements and the controversies related to him, Froesse in his article attempted to outline the psychological profile of the BVC airlines owner. It is a story about a man who consciously chooses Africa and the world of war, a man who tries to find hope and humanness in all of the surrounding savagery.

The author admits, that before writing the article he has gathered data on Barthe for two years, and most of the information and reflections come from meeting people who surround BC. Thomas met Barthe Cortes only two times, and he does not hide the fact that the man made a grand impression on him. Froesse admits that directly after meeting Cortes, and after returning to his hotel, he has wrote the following in his notebook: "he has some kind of truth in his eyes, as if he knows something about life which we still don't".

In his article, on the background of dramatic events in the African war zone, the journalist attempts to understand Barthes motives, whose life seems to be entangled with various ethical-political intricacies.

        The author suggests also that the last 10 years have took too much of a toll on BC. He has seen too much death and cruelty in that time to be able to function normally in the world. The author suggests that despite the fact that Barthe Cortes is incredibly rich and attempts to form a family, he will never be truly happy.         The article ends with the lyrics of Dylan's title song "It's gettin' dark, too dark for me to see. I feel like I'm knockin' on heaven's door"         We recommend reading the entire article, which is available in the "Highway" magazine in South Africa

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