July , 2016
Barthe Cortes and Maya Van Den Berg are worth 710 million Euro together !

 Barthe Cortes and Maya van Den Berg , 2016 What do you think, did those two sign a prenup before the marriage? The dirty divorce fighting of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard gets the world's media going as they are fighting for 200 millions of the actor's fortune to be divided. Recently, the "Superior Magazine" estimated that if Barthe Cortes wanted to sell his company (BVC) he would get 700 million Euro for it. Still, the author of the article emphasises that this is only speculations as no one knows if BVC could function without her charismatic boss, Barthe Cortes and adds: "(..) so far there is no one who can substitute for Barthe Cortes and continue his work".


The market value of the fashion company which Maya is going to take over (in South Africa there is only a branch office, the main office is located in Venezuela (Caracas) and it has been managed by her grandmother for 45 years) is estimated at 10 million Euro.


Therefore, Barthe Cortes (700) and Maya van Den Berg (10) are worth 710 million Euro together according to their market value.


Well, is there is no prenup before the marriage, we wish Barthe to be a good and faithful husband or else this can cost him a lot ;-)


(*700 million is a breath-taking sum, still, Africa is a home for many people from "the richest on Earth List" and to get on that list one should own over 1 billion Euro, (BC is still a little bit short;-) ). See the list of the 20 richest Africans (LINK) )


image source: Jozi Magazine

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