July , 2016
Barthe Cortes and Maya Van Den Berg are kissing passionately near the club in Johannesburg !

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Maya van Den Berg has just muffled rumours about her possible pregnancy in "Jo' Show" (LINK) ... and there are already new ones appearing! Apparently, this time, it is 100% sure - Barthe Cortes is going to become a father for a second time! This will be the first Barthe's and Maya's baby.


Let us remind you that BC and Maya met 3 years ago in DR Congo where they both were busy implementing their professional projects. A year ago, since the couple got married, the tabloids (us included) have been observing Maya's belly and speculating about their first child. From time to time, there are also rumours about the crisis in their relationship resulting from Barthe having a soft spot for his ex-girlfriend and Maya's possessive attitude (a possible divorce would cost Barthe a lot, "LINK: Barthe Cortes and Maya Van Den Berg are worth 710 million Euro together !") ;-)


One of the people from Maya's close environment (wants to remain anonymous) assured us that this time Maya is really pregnant and the person confirmed the rumours that the couple will soon spend most of their time in Thailand where Barthe is going to realise his new project. "Maya is excited about her pregnancy and moving. She has never done anything like that for any other man. Chris (*ex- fiance Chris Fisher) once offered her to move to Los Angeles but she didn't agree, but now.. she is ready to follow Barthe "to the ends of the earth"" - says the anonymous source.


One of our readers sent the photos taken near one of the clubs in Johannesburg. According to the author of the photos: Maya went out of the club talking on the phone with someone, probably Barthe Cortes who appeared after a while. The couple exchanged tender greetings and kissed passionately and then went to the club together where their friends were probably waiting for them.


A year ago, Barthe went to court to fight for his right to privacy and ban for publication of his private photos. Still, the legal system has its loopholes. His presence in the club which celebrated its fifth anniversary of opening may be treated as a public and not private situation (LINK) )


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