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December, 2016
First lady Tobeka Madiba-Zuma speaks out against hostility towards 'hardworking husband
President John Mahama

First lady Tobeka Madiba-Zuma has lashed out at the South African media for being hostile to her husband President Jacob Zuma in spite of his hard work

Madiba-Zuma was delivering a message from the president who could not attend gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane's memorial service in Durban. Madiba-Zuma told hundreds of mourners at a packed Ethekwini Community Church that the "nation has lost a son and a flower that was still blooming".

Offering words of comfort to Sfiso's wife Ayanda, the first lady said "there was no widow in God...if you're a God fearing woman, the solution to your problems is the distance between your knee and the floor". She advised her not to pay attention to the media, which she urged to respect the dead. "It is my wish to see a patriotic media that will respect the dead. A lot has been said about Sfiso even negative things. That's how we survive in this country. The hostility regardless of how the president works hard." The first lady said she brushed off any negative publicity. "That's how I survive. I brush it off" she said. TMG Digital/Durban Newsroom

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