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July, 2015
Rapper AKA responds after assaulting fan on stage at Durban
The rapper akka

The rapper notices the fan and proceeds to aggressively push him off the stage and according to reports, kicked him as well. AKA is said to have continued performing as if nothing happened.

He later released a statement saying that the security was lax and he had to fend for himself. On Twitter, AKA responded adding that the man was an idiot and not a fan. "The word "FAN" is not the right one to use. Someone who does that is not my fan, they are not a supporter. They're an idiot. I put an insane amount of preparation into my shows ... This is my craft, my livelihood and I take it seriously. Actions have consequences. "Fans" don't jump on stage and ruin the show for everyone who's watching it. It's unfortunate that I ended up having to be my own security."

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