December, 2015
Barthe Cortes is giving away money!

Barthe Cortes, 2016Barthe Cortes is giving away money! There's still 3 days until Christmas, Today in the morning voice of an Jaccaranda FM speaker announced :

"Santa Claus is back in town! Barthe Cortes is giving away money! Three days before Christmas, the African businessman, owner of BVC Airlines distributed among Soweto people 14 000 000 Rand which is equal to a million dollars!....And to think that a few days ago Maya Van Den Berg said on TV SHOW that this year she wanted to show BC the true atmosphere of Christmas ( we wrote about it here) It seems that this guy knows it perfectly well! A classic for Barthe Cortes from us: Mariah Carey's "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" " - source: Jaccaranda FM

                            What a wonderful gesture!

      Merry Christmas to our Christian Readers !

Listen to this extract from a JacarandaFM radio:

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