november, 2011
East Africa's Bad Girls!
They have been on the limelight for all the right and the wrong reasons, the heartthrobs, the hot and the hardheads. Meet some of East Africa's controversial babes in showbiz.

  1. Kaz (Kenya)

Karen Lucas likes the birthday suit probably a bit more that we do. She is not afraid of flaunting it, not in the least bit. Her fame is deeply embedded on many reasons- the good and the bad. The red light first glimmered on her after her naked photos were leaked to the internet. And as we all know, leaked photos are seriously committed to memory! There is never coming back. Thus, the name Kaz strings along its history of leaked photos. And don't expect Kaz to plaster this and hide it under the table. She flowed with it and is still flowing, assuming a gallant personality. She has more than once put up sexually evocative photos of herself on twitter.

miss angola



  1. Bad Black (Uganda)

Bad Black lives up to her name- always trailed and in the dock! She has severally made headlines for all the wrong reasons! Over the years, she has bitten herself from a second-hands clothes peddler to a party animal and a large-scale defrauder, amassing money from everyone who dares blink in her presence. And yes, she lives lavishly. She is known to stun her entourage of party animals with Shs 500,000 for lunch or even more, throwing lavish bashes where people go away with party favors like money, clothes, or even trips to South Africa. A few weeks ago, together with her fellow tycoon Meddie Ssentogo, they were arrested after allegedly stealing US$ 4m from David Greenhalgh of Daveshan Ltd. This isn't the first time she has been on the limelight. Once, she blacked out after a sex orgy with her lover boy who took offensive pictures of her and posted them on the internet. And the latest? She was paid big monies to sleep with a Nigerian musician! Somebody say Ashawo!!!


  1. Ray c (Tanzania)

Her musical career has been taking a dive in the recent years. She is a racy lass when it comes to controversy! In 2008 a sex tape that featured her and an unidentified man found its way to the public. She has a terrain of these- from breach of contracts, failure to attend shows, to an arrest in Kenya for drug peddling allegations. Drama seems to be an integral part of Ray C.

Ray z


  1. Adumi (Kenya)

Remember the 'bend over madness'? The hypnotic hysteria that was splattered all over the internets after the Jamaican artiste Didn Dong visited the country earlier this year. Well, responsible for this was Adumi, aka Adumi Gyan Mamayao. The action she brought down on that stage was enough to cost her a job.



  1. Nini Wacera (Kenya)

She is an actress, a former love doctor and a radio personality but Nini's drama has been on the lowdown lately. She however has history in the wild crowd, attracting a bit of controversy in the showbiz. With her flourishing acting career and motherhood, Nini seems to have made a conscious decision to cement the other side of her life. In previous years, Nini was in the limelight, dogged a member of some lesbian quartet in the showbiz industry. She was once a royal of the commando society, even publicly declaring it. Once, Nini showed up at the launch of Cosmopolitan Kenya in a negligee- an ensemble of fishnet stockings and nothing else. And no., she had no apologies. "What was wrong with that outfit? Of wearing nothing under?" she was quoted as having said. "Kenya is too humid and wearing underwear can cause yeast infections. Just ask any gynecologist in this city." There were also allegations of her having been caught sexing it up at a campsite a few years back, which she maintains is a total fabrication.NINA

  1. Sheila Kwamboka (Kenya)

Her madness was probably an act for Big Brother Africa, but Sheila is not one to be left behind when it comes to record in drama and hardheadedness. Her sexuality, especially after the show was highly put in question. Sheila has taken a major step into showbiz and is taking a career in music.



  1. Sylvia Awori (Uganda)

Danger loves company. Sylvia and Bad Black are the party babes of Uganda. Even though Sylvia hasn't really hit the headlines with any connection to drama, the role she plays in the infamous drama queen's entourage is highly questionable.



Shiru Waruinge (Kenya)

Once upon a time, Safaricom had a King and Queens contest. She was the first one to be crowned queen. And sure she was queen. Shiru Wariunge's presence on the social networks is submerged in a lot of controversy, with numerous notorious groups opened with her name on them. We are not sure yet what controversy she will eventually breed but hers seems like a baby puddle, a blast waiting to erupt.



  1. Hudda (Kenya)

Video Vixen, party animal, dots a distinctive dress code-you know-fishnet stockings and everything else that goes with that. Hudda is known to pulsate at the sight of celebs especially international ones that visit Kenya. Dark streets of Nairobi disclose that she is the kind of a groupie that gets down on it really fast, if you know what we mean. You just have to be a bit 'celebrated' and she is good to go!



  1. Sharron O (Uganda)

Seems like the entry level for drama is Big Brother Africa. The process usually is- get into the house, raise brows with the controversial girl attitude in the house, get out, continue the drama outside, make a killing out of it. Right under the nose of her live-in lover, Sharon will let you feel her boobie, probably, like she recently let Weasel a while back. She has assumed her presence in Kampala and is assuming it with a true bang! Once, she is said to have romped it rough with the singer Weasel on camera- snuggles, nuzzles, touching erotically. Unfortunately her celebrity status is eating into her relationship with her live-in lover, Ronnie Mulindwa. Sharon is currently rolling in big monies. Just recently, she was paid a handsome figure to appear at a social event in Nigeria. That's what they say. But sources tell us that there is more than meets the eye in these 'payments'.

                                                    sharron o

      Source:Vibe Weekly 

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