february, 2011
Does Barthe Cortes needs an exorcist ?

 Barthe Cortes  needed an exorcist more than a spokesman  "BC needs an exorcist more than a spokesman " ! These are the words of Mele, which were the answer to a question of a reporter from Kampala News in connection to Barthe's arrest in Congo. Mele, who not so long ago was BVC spokesman, has been seen as an authoritative, professional, and reliable spokesman of many politicians , several actors and two singers so far...

What happened to Mele that m ade him say such unprofessional words regarding Barthe Cortes (BVC owner), his client, just before resignation? It is hard to tell; anyway, it turned out that BC is more unbearable with his behaviour than many politicians or hip-hop star in whole Africa ?? ;-)

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