august, 2011
Sarkodie ready for a Living Legend ?

With his second album yet to be released, perhaps it's a bit too early to give Ghana's undisputed fastest rapper a living legend status. But judging by his achievements within the short period, one just can't help but agree with the lyrics of his new single, ‘Living Legend' featuring TV3 Mentor winner and Project Fame West Africa runner-up, Kesse. The single highlights the struggles that upcoming artists go through and encourages aspiring artists not to give up using Sarkodie as a case in point. Through it all, the rapper gives praise to God for bringing him success in the face of several adversities - both physical and perhaps spiritual. The single sees Srakodie at his usual best with punchy lines interlaced with some wits. On the second verse Sarkodie contends that he is on a mission akin to a messenger of God, and in future he would be cited for his exemplary life and achievements in the industry to advise others. He also stated that he has gotten to his current state due to hard work and his good upbringing.

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